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Houghton Ensis DW 6055

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  • Houghton Ensis DW 6055

    Houghton Ensis DW 6055 (Previous Ensis 6062 and Ensis TX & Ensis V)


    ENSIS DW 6055 is a blend of dearomatised solvent, and carefully selected performance additives which provide up to 60 months indoor protection and several months outdoor protection.

    ENSIS DW 6055 is a premium quality dewatering rust preventive and exhibits a waxy film, which resists peeling and cracking, neutralizes fingerprints and can be removed if required.

    ENSIS DW 6055 is effective on ferrous and non-ferrous metal. It is Barium free.


    ENSIS DW 6055 provides extra long term protection and final protection, on:

    • (Semi)-finished automotive and machinery components like valves, gears, camshaft, box, bearing, chains, motor, fasteners, braking system, precision components with highly finished surfaces...
    • Materials and equipment during shipment overseas, when properly packed.
    • Materials and equipment which are subjected to hostile conditions ego Coastal and Marine environments.
    • Drill pipe and casing in outdoor coastal locations.
    • Steel structures during operation or storage periods. Particularly resistant to carry-over of alkaline grinding coolants, soluble oil emulsions and acidic rinse water..
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