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Cassida Spray

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  1. Fuchs Cassida Fluid Silicone - Foodgrade

    Fuchs Cassida Fluid Silicone - Foodgrade

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    Foodgrade - Fuchs Cassida Fluid Silicone


    Silicone-based, fully synthetic, multi-purpose fluid.

    Thermal stability up to 250 °C.

    Excellent adhesive properties minimise fling-off in use and wash-off by both cold and hot water.

    Readily displaces water.

    Formulated for use on metal-to-non-metal or non-metal-to non-metal contact surfaces.


    For lubrication of conveyors; slow rotating machinery;

    Small, slow-speed bearings and pivot points found in equipment in the food industry.

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  2. Cassida PTFE Dry Spray    

    Cassida PTFE Dry Spray

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    FUCHS Cassida PTFE Dry Spray

    Synthetic PTFE multi-purpose and maintenance lubricant for food processing applications in the food manufacturing industry

    Application FUCHS Cassida PTFE Dry Spray

    Lubrication of cams, chains, cables, conveyors, sliding tracks, joints, pivots, lifts, pulleys, threaded parts, bolts, rollers, taps, valves, and many other moving parts. Lubrication and protection of seals, guides, operating in food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments where incidental food contact is possible.

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  3. Fuchs Cassida Fluid CP Spray  

    Fuchs Cassida Fluid CP Spray

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    FUCHS Cassida Fluid CP Spray

    Synthetic corrosion protecting fluid for use on food and beverage processing equipment

    Application FUCHS Cassida Fluid CP Spray

    Complete machinery of all kind for during shipping and distribution. Metal parts and tools after galvanic conditioning and cleaning processes. Gearbox housings, gear-wheels, couplings, drive-shafts. Measuring tools, precision tools etc.

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