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Fuchs Planto

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  1. Fuchs PLANTO TAC 68

    Fuchs PLANTO TAC 68

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    PLANTO TAC 68 field of applications:

    PLANTO TAC 68 was developed specially for all lubricated saw chains which are used in the toughest conditions in environmentally sensitive areas such as protected water zones, forests, tree nurseries, etc.

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    £ 7.41 / L
  2. Fuchs PLANTOHYD 40 N

    Fuchs PLANTOHYD 40 N

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    Environmentally compatible hydraulic and lubricating oils based on natural raw materials, type HETG according to ISO 15380, for mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment

    PLANTOHYD 40 N field of applications:

    PLANTOHYD 32 N resp. PLANTOHYD 40 N can be used in mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment for which an ISO VG 32 resp. ISO VG 46 hydraulic oil is recommended. The change-over guidelines according to ISO 15380 have to be observed when converting a system to PLANTOHYD N. Repair paints and paints which are not based on 2-component-systems might not be compatible with mineral oil as well as natural raw materials like PLANTOHYD N. The PLANTOHYD N products perform best at tank temperatures between 50 und 60°C. Recommended operating temperature range: -27°C to +70°C.

    Please note!! Price of PLANTOHYD 40 N drops automatically in larger quantities.

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    £ 7.95 / L
  3. Fuchs PLANTOGEL 2 S

    Fuchs PLANTOGEL 2 S

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    PLANTOGEL 2 S field of applications:

    PLANTOGEL 2 S (EAL) is used for lubrication of plain and roller bearings where water and earth are at risk, i.e. in water turbines or in agriculture and forestry. PLANTOGEL 2 S (EAL) is easily pumpable in central lubricating systems.

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    £ 14.68 / Kg
  4. Fuchs PLANTOSYN 68 HVI

    Fuchs PLANTOSYN 68 HVI

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    Environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil based on saturated synthetic esters

    PLANTOSYN 68 HVI field of applications:

    PLANTOSYN HVI oils are rapidly biodegradable synthetic saturated ester oils. They can be used in all applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic units where the use of biodegradable synthetic ester based hydraulic oil according to ISO 15380 HEES is recommended. The PLANTOSYN HVI products should be used where oil leakage or oil spillage will give a soil or water pollution. PLANTOSYN HVI products can be used as an alternative to conventional HLP/HM hydraulic oils. The changing over procedures according ISO 15380 have to be observed.

    Please note!! Price of PLANTOSYN 68 HVI drops automatically in larger quantities.

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  5. Fuchs Plantoflux 46 AT-S

    Fuchs Plantoflux 46 AT-S

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    Plantoflux 46 AT-S

    Synthetic fire-resistant hydraulic fluids based on organic esters, type HFDU

    Plantoflux 46 AT-S field of applications:

    PLANTOFLUX-AT-S are primarily used as fire resis-tant hydraulic fluids in machines or plants operating in hazardous conditions, i.e. where naked flames or high temperatures arepresent and the fire riskcaused by the fluid leakage is high, most notably: steel mills, blast furnaces, continuous casting ma-chine, coke plants, etc.PLANTOFLUX-AT-S are generally applicable in any hydraulic systems where environmental protection and biodegradability are a priority.

    Please note!! Price of Plantoflux 46 AT-S drops automatically in larger quantities.

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    £ 9.00 / L

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