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  • Houghton Sitala D 201.03

    Houghton Hocut 4444 is the successor of Sitala D201.03

    Previously Sitala D 201.03 has been replaced by Hocut 4444

    • General machine machining 8-10%

    It is important that this ratio is maintained

    Consumption of concentrate also depends on the amount of mineral oil chosen, the additive package and technology, the water quality and, finally, the most important use of the product. Our expert can tell you much more about this.

    We will ship the Hocut 4444 instead of the Sitala D 201.03. You can place your order in the table below.

    If you want more information about this product please view this page.

    If you have any questions please contact us

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  • Houghton Sitala A 400

    Houghton Sitala A 400

    A new generation of amine and boric acid-free water-miscible metalworking fluids, recommended for general machining on a wide range of metals including all kind of Aluminium alloys.

    SITALA A 400 is a medium duty emulsifiable, boron and amine-free metalworking fluid forming a stable macroemulsion based on high quality mineral oil and polar lubricity additives.


    SITALA A 400 is recommended for medium machining and grinding operations on a wide range of material including, cast iron, low to medium alloyed steels and aluminium. A non-staining, low alkalinity formula also makes it suitable for machining yellow metals.

    The product is designed for soft to medium hardness and for use in single sump machines.

    It is not normally used in large central systems.

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  • Houghton Sitala AY 402.01

    Soluble metalworking fluid Houghton Sitala AY 402.01 is specially designed for wide range off cutting operations on coper containing metals. Sitala AY 402.01 is aminefree emulsion. Houghton Sitala AY 402.01 prevents green or blue colour change of parts and fluid. The lifecycle of this fluid is outstanding. Learn More

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