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Klüber Microlube

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    Special lubricating greases for boundary friction conditions and tribo-corrosion

    Application MICROLUBE GL 261

    MICROLUBE GL 261, GL 262 greases are particularly suitable for low to medium-speed plain and rolling bearings, and for swivel movements and vibrations. Other applications: linear guides; serrations, multiple spline shafts; small gears, e.g. adjustment gears They are generally suitable for machine elements potentially subject to tribo-corrosion.

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  2. Klüber Microlube GB 0

    Klüber Microlube GB 0

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    Klüber MICROLUBE GB 0

    Universal high-performance lubricant

    Application Klüber MICROLUBE GB 0

    MICROLUBE GB 0 was especially developed for friction points subject to high loads and mixed friction conditions. It is a universal grease suitable for the lubrication of eccentric presses (e.g. make Müller-Weingarten), heavy-duty spur and bevel gears with steel/steel components (e.g. gear motors that are not oiltight), slideways, guides and sump lubricated rolling bearings.

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  3. Klüber MICROLUBE GBU-Y 131

    Klüber MICROLUBE GBU-Y 131

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    Klüber MICROLUBE GBU-Y 131

    Special grease for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings subject to humidity and water

    Application Klüber MICROLUBE GBU-Y 131

    MICROLUBE GBU-Y 131 is intended for the lubrication of plain and rolling bearings operating under medium to high loads as well as under the influence of humidity and water. MICROLUBE GBU-Y 131 has proven particularly successful for lubrication of the fixed or detachable rope grips of ski lifts.

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  4. Klüber Microlube GB 00

    Klüber Microlube GB 00

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    Klüber MICROLUBE GB 00

    Fluid gear grease

    Application Klüber MICROLUBE GB 00

    MICROLUBE GB 00 is suitable for the lubraction of rams in mechanical presses, heavy-duty oiltight spur and bevel gears (e.g. gear motors, small gears), worm gears with steel/ steel components as well as toothed couplings. It is also suitable for the lubrication of slideways, guides and large chain drives.

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