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Total Finaturol

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  • Total Finaturol HT


    Vegetable demoulding oil for high temperatures.

    Applications TOTAL FINATUROL HT
    • FINATUROL HT is a vegetable demoulding oil. It is used for severe moulding operations after they have come out of the oven.
    • FINATUROL HT guarantees a perfect demoulding operation for all bakery and pastry products and it respects the taste and odor of the finished product even for products with a long shelf life.
    • The film is maintained during the baking of the products. It ensures excellent demoulding performances and it prevents sticking.

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  • Total Finaturol D


    Very high performance vegetable oil for dough dividers and bread slicers

    Applications TOTAL FINATUROL D
    • FINATUROL D has been developed to ensure optimum performances of lubrication and to give maximum wear protection to the knives with an oil consumption as low as possible.
    • FINATUROL D is used to prevent sticking and the development of varnishes on the surface of the knives.

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