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Shell Air Tool

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  • Shell Air Tool S2 A 32

    Shell Air Tool S2 A 32 Previous name Torcula 32

    Oil for compressed air and impact tools

    Application Shell Air Tool S2 A 32
    • + Pneumatic impact tools Suitable for a wide range of impact tools such as those used in rock drilling, mining and construction activities (e.g. pneumatic hammer, sinkers and other pneumatic machines).
    • + Shell Air Tool oil is well suited to be sprayed in mist lubricators such as compressed air systems used in production environments.
    • + Other applications May be used for lubrication of certain bearings and transmissions subject to water washing. 

    Shell Air Tool S2 A has been developed to meet the special requirements for the lubrication of compressed air tools, especially impact tools used in exceptionally difficult operating conditions. The oil is designed to form a highly resistant lubricating film and to efficiently lubricate the mechanisms of the most demanding pneumatic impact drills as well as to provide excellent oil mist lubrication for general-purpose air tools.

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