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Mobiltherm is a leading product in the world of heat transfer oils, also known as thermal transfer oil. Mobiltherm is generally recognized for its excellent performance and reliability in industrial applications.

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  1. Mobil MOBILTHERM 603

    Mobil MOBILTHERM 603

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    Mobil MOBILTHERM 603

    Heat transfer Oils

    Applications Mobil MOBILTHERM 603

    Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in:

    Naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel powered engines built by European, Japanese, and American manufacturers

    On-highway light and heavy-duty trucking

    Off-highway industries including: mining, construction, quarrying, and agriculture

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  2. Mobil THERM 605

    Mobil THERM 605

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    Mobiltherm 605

    Heat transfer oils

    Application Mobiltherm 605

    Application consideration: Mobiltherm heat transfer oils should not be mixed with other oils as this may compromise the excellent thermal and oxidation stability, which may result in a change in other properties and makes analysis difficult to determine the useful life of the oil. If the oil is used above the recommended operating temperature, a gas bubble may form unless the installation is designed to operate at a higher temperature by keeping it under pressure with an inert gas such as nitrogen. Higher temperatures shorten the service life of the oil as thermal degradation increases significantly while temperatures rise above the recommended limit. In a well-designed installation, the temperature of the oil film in the heating element should be kept about 15°C to 30°C above the bulk oil temperature. A higher temperature will shorten the life of the oil and sludge and coke formation may occur, which can impede heat transfer. As with other mineral oils, Mobiltherm heat transfer oils should only be used in systems equipped with a circulating pump. Systems where only convection is used to move the oil will not provide sufficient flow to prevent local overheating, resulting in rapid degradation of the oil. Furthermore, these oils are not recommended for use in open installations where hot oil is in direct contact with air. If they leak or spray through openings, hot Mobiltherm may ignite spontaneously. The Mobiltherm 600 series can be used in open and closed systems if the temperature of the bulk oil corresponds to the following table. Mobiltherm 603: Closed systems (up to 285º C), Open systems (up to 150º C). Mobiltherm 605: Closed systems (up to 315º C), Open systems (up to 180º C). Mobiltherm 610: Open systems (up to 250°C). Mobiltherm 611: Open systems (up to 275°C).

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Mobiltherm Heat Transfer Oil: Excellent Performance for Industrial Heat Exchangers

Mobiltherm is a leading brand in the world of heat transfer oils and is widely recognized for its excellent performance and reliability in industrial applications. These heat transfer oils are specially designed to efficiently transfer heat in a wide range of systems, including heat exchangers, heating installations, and cooling systems. Let's delve deeper into the properties and benefits of Mobiltherm heat transfer oil.

Properties of Mobiltherm Heat Transfer Oil

  1. High Thermal Stability: Mobiltherm heat transfer oils are designed to operate at high temperatures without thermal degradation, ensuring long-term performance and system reliability.

  2. Excellent Heat Transfer: Due to their optimized formulation, Mobiltherm oils provide efficient heat transfer, resulting in improved energy efficiency of the system.

  3. Minimal Wear: The oils also offer excellent protection against pump wear, extending the life of heat exchangers and other components.

  4. Compatibility: Mobiltherm heat transfer oils are compatible with a wide range of materials used in heat exchangers and systems, making them versatile.

  5. Resistance to Oxidation: They have high resistance to oxidation, minimizing the formation of deposits and sludge, maintaining long-term system efficiency.

Benefits of Mobiltherm Heat Transfer Oil

  • Increased operational efficiency of heat exchangers and heating systems.
  • Extended equipment life due to reduced wear.
  • Lower maintenance requirements due to thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Better control over operational costs through energy savings and reduced downtime.

Thus, Mobiltherm heat transfer oils offer an excellent combination of performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for industrial applications reliant on efficient heat transfer.

Questions and Answers

What factors are important when choosing a suitable heat transfer oil for industrial applications?

When selecting a heat transfer oil, factors such as thermal stability, heat transfer efficiency, compatibility with materials, and resistance to oxidation are crucial for optimal performance and reliability of the system.

    How can the use of Mobiltherm heat transfer oils contribute to cost savings for an industrial company?

    Due to improved operational efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements, companies using Mobiltherm heat transfer oils can save costs on energy consumption, repairs, and equipment replacement in the long run. This contributes to better overall profitability and competitive advantage.


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