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Shell Advance
Shell Helix
Shell Aeroshell
Shell Corena S2
Shell Corena S4
Shell Diala
Shell Gadinia
Shell Gadus S2
Shell Gadus S3
Shell Gadus S4
Shell Gadus S5
Shell Helix HX7
Shell Helix Ultra
Shell Helix Ultra Professional
Shell Morlina Vitrea
Shell Mysella
Shell Naturelle
Shell continued
Shell Rimula R3
Shell Rimula RT4
Shell Rimula R5
Shell Rimula R6
Shell Omala S2
Shell Omala S3
Shell Omala S4
Shell Spirax ATF
Shell Spirax S2
Shell Spirax S3
Shell Spirax S4
Shell Spirax S5
Shell Spirax S6
Shell Tellus S2
Shell Tellus S3
Shell Tellus S4
Castrol Edge FST 0W30
Castrol Edge FST 0W40
Castrol Edge FST 5W30
Castrol Edge FST 5W40 Turbo Diesel
Castrol Magnatec 5W30 A5
Castrol Power RS 4T 10W40
Castrol Power RS Racing 4T 5W40
Castrol Power RS 2T
Fuchs Cassida
Fuchs FM

Houghton Adrana
Houghton Ensis
Houghton Fenella
Houghton Garia
Houghton Macron
Houghton Metalina
Houghton Sitala