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We ship to wherever you want in the world!

Shipment is an important part of our service

We understand that you do not want to wait too long. Of the + 5500 lubricants we supply, we keep 1800+ most sold products in stock. If a product is not in stock, we will contact you.

Most common shipping costs:

We currently export to more than 60 countries which you can select on our payment page. Are you missing your destination? We'll add it!

Kilo Price UK Price Ireland
>0 £19.90 £13.95
>20 £29.85 £26.90
>40 £39.80 £39.85
>60 £49.75 £52.80
>80 £59.70 £65.75
>100 £79.70 £78.70
>150 £79.70 £125.00

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the delivery please send an email to and include a photo of the delivery together with your order number please so we can find a solution. Please note that metal packaging may be dented as the parcel service is very rough.

UK: Parcel shipments usually take 1 week

UK: Parcel shipments usually take 1 week
When your products are below 66 pounds in weight, we ship your order with UPS parcel service. Delivery takes normally about 3-5 working days. Be aware package services do not deliver all packages on the same day even though it is offered at the same time. Therefore check the track and trace email you receive. As the UK is no longer part of the EU, we are forced to charge a Variable Accounting & Transport Surcharge (VATS). This can be found on the cost overview. This is intended for the additional handling of export documents. The minimum order amount is £80, allowing us to reduce our administrative costs and keep our prices competitive. Finally, we will carry out deliveries to the UK in accordance with incoterm DAP. Import fees are not included in our price. 

Unfortunately, we can not deliver to a construction site or where you work as a contractor. This often leads to confusion on delivery. If you risk it, it is at your own risk.


UK: Pallet deliveries about a week

Products over 30 kilos are transported on pallets. Under normal circumstances, transport takes usually a week. All deliveries to the UK are made according to incoterm DAP.

Worldwide shipping

We ship to other parts of the world every day. Prices are difficult to name because it is highly dependent on the product, the order size and whether it concerns sea or air freight.
In most cases, shipping outside Europe is much cheaper to pick up in one of our warehouses. Feel free to ask us what is possible.

Worldwide export including sea container shipments:

A 20 foot is mostly used by us since it can keep 80 oil drums

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