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Klüber Centoplex

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  1. Klüber Centoplex H0

    Klüber Centoplex H0

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    Klüber Centoplex H0

    Multi-purpose grease

    Application Klüber Centoplex H0

    CENTOPLEX HO is used for the lubrication of toothed and worm gears and for small low-power gears. It can also be used in well-sealed rolling and plain bearings with low internal clearance and operating at high speeds. CENTOPLEX HO is used e.g. in garage door drives, plain bearings in telescopic axles, leaf springs in rail vehicles, and as a multi-purpose grease in lorries, construction vehicles, special-purpose and agricultural vehicles.

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  2. Klüber CENTOPLEX 2 EP

    Klüber CENTOPLEX 2 EP

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    Klüber CENTOPLEX 2 EP

    Multi-purpose grease with EP additives

    Application Klüber CENTOPLEX 2 EP

    CENTOPLEX 2 EP can be used for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings, guides, threaded spindles and other machine elements. This grease has also been designed for the lubrication of gears subject to high loads.

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  3. Klüber Centoplex GLP 500

    Klüber Centoplex GLP 500

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    Kluber Centoplex GLP 500

    Fluid multipurpose grease for long-term lubrication

    CENTOPLEX GLP 500 advantages:
    • Multipurpose grease for long-term lubrication
    • High-pressure absorption capacity
    • Applicable through central lubrication systems, especially single-line lubrication systems
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  4. Klüber Centoplex CX 4/375 AU

    Klüber Centoplex CX 4/375 AU

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    Klüber Centoplex CX 4/375 AU

    High-speed grease for gears

    Application Klüber Centoplex CX 4/375 AU

    Being a grease of very low consistency CENTOPLEX CX 4/375 AU is suitable for small gears subject to high speeds, especially bevel gears in right angle grinders. At temperatures < 80°C long-term lubrication is possible.

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