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  • Fuchs Cassida FM Coolant

    Cassida FM Coolant

    Freezing point depressant and anti corrosion protection concentrate for food & beverage processing equipment

    Cassida FM Coolant main applications:

    • To be mixed with water to make a solution suitable for application. See tables on next page. The mixing water should have low hardness. If not available the use of demineralised or distilled water is recommended
    • For use as secondary cooling, or heating, in the food and beverage industry. For use in closed cooling systems, including those where there is a potential for incidental food contact
    • STRICTLY NOT for use in applications where direct contact between Coolant and food itself, either packed or unwrapped, will occur: for example, not for use where food is immersed in coolant for rapid chilling
    • Various de-icing, defrosting applications
    • Freeze, burst and corrosion protection of pipelines
    • Recommended temperature range: -45 to 120°C

    Cassida FM Coolant is a propylene glycol-based fluid containing anti-corrosion additives, for use in closed systems to chill or cool food or beverages in Food Industry applications. It is based on a careful blend of synthetic fluids and selected additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food & beverage industry.

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Food grade Coolant NSF H1 freezing point depressant and anti-corrosion protection concentrate for food & beverage processing equipment Buy & Save now!