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  • Houghton Metalina Fluid D 202

    Previously Houghton Metalina Fluid D 3202.02

    Metalina D 202 is a free synthetic grinding fluid with a high quality corrosion inhibiting additive package.

    The mineral oil-free, transparent solution provides long sump life and excellent tramp oil rejection.


    Metalina D 202 is recommended for surface and cylindrical grinding ferrous Materials including cast Iron. The synthetic formula completely rejects tramp oil for cleaning this in use and provides extremely no foam maximum filtration efficiency and rapid finest separation. The Products is designed for soft to medium water hardness quality. Recommendation for use Ferrous grounding 3 to 6%

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  • Houghton Hocut 5140

    Houghton Metalina Fluid B 200


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  • Houghton Hocut 5019

    Previous Houghton Metalina Fluid BY 2211

    Applications of Houghton Hocut 5019:

    Hocut 5019 is recommended for grinding of cemented tungsten carbide tools where cobalt is used as a binder. The synthetic formula of Hocut 5019 contains a special additive package to prevent dissolution of cobalt by the coolant also contains polymer lubricity additives to improve wheel life and prevent dry evaporation residues on machines.
    A minimum concentration of Hocut 5019 is 5% recommended.

     Advantages of Hocut 5019:

    Features Hocut 5019
    Advantages of Hocut 5019 (short)
    Rejects tramp oil completelyExcellent component visibility with no spoilage of coolant.
    Inhibits dissolution of cobaltReduces risk to workers and environment.
    Outstanding low foamNo antifoam treatments necessary.
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