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  • Houghton Hocut 3220 stable emulsion

    Houghton Adrana D 208.01 new name will change into Hocut 3220

    Water miscible metalworking fluid.


    Hocut 3220 is a high quality, general-purpose metalworking fluid for easy to medium duty applications on ferrous metals.


    It is recommended for easy to medium duty operations on cast iron and (low to medium alloyed) ferrous metals.

    It is designed to be used on CNC machine tools, given its excellent detergent, and high wetting properties.

    Hocut 3220 is suitable for all removal and grinding operations on stand-alone machines and in central systems.

    Hocut 3220 can be used over a broad water hardness range. Recommendations for use: General machining.

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  • Houghton Hocut 4444

    Houghton 4444 previous Sitala D 201.03 and Adrana D 601.01

    Hocut 4444 is a high quality water miscible coolant for general machining of steel and aluminum alloys.

    Recommended usage levels for Houghton Hocut 4444 are:

    • + Low to Medium Machining: 8 - 10%
    Application Houghton Hocut 4444

    HOCUT 4444 is recommended for machining low to medium materials, including high stress machining, from a variety of materials, including aluminum alloys, fiber composites, but also iron alloys.

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  • Houghton Adrana A 3601.04

    Houghton Adrana A 3601.04

    A water miscible metalworking fluid.


    It is recommended for heavy-duty machining operations on low silicon content aluminium and is free of amines, boric acid, nitrite, chlorine and formaldehyde releasers.


    Metals: “dirty” metals, such as cast iron.

    • Usage: a wide range of machines, such as Kingsburys, Bullards, bar machines, lathes, chuckers, and centerless and cylindrical grinders.
    • Processes: machining and grinding.
    • Longer sump life.
    • Heavy-duty.
    • Non-foaming.


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  • Houghton Adrana A 2859

    Adrana A 2859 has now been removed from the range and can best be replaced by Hocut 4444. It is wise to contact us and discuss the application.

    Please note We will deliver Hocut 4444 instead of Adrana A2859 if you wish to order it above.

    Hereby the link for more information about Hocut 4444

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