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Payment options

We offer safe payment is our main Payment Service Provider; - it’s the platform for payments like Credicards.

Mollie collects the payments. For your safety all information is encrypted and no financial details are shared with us.

Creditcard payments will be collected by Mollie. Once they receive the money, we will process your order.

No TAX is calculated local tax and customs fee will be dealed with UPS parcel service or the local broker of the tranport company. It is your responsibility to fill this in when placing your order, as corrections afterwards are no longer possible. This is due to highly streamlined processes to keep the overhead costs and our prices low.

We also offer the following payment possibilities

  • +Banktransfer (delay up to 2 days)* 
  • +Invoice with 30 days payment Surcharge 3%
  • +Apple Pay < € 10.500
  • +MasterCard < € 10.500
  • +Visa < € 10.500
  • +Maestro < € 10.500
  • +AMEX < € 10.500

You will receive this number by email. In case you order but someone else within the company is paying the invoice, you can fill in your colleague's email address as well and he or she will receive the invoice and payment instructions.

* Bank transfer - it is important to add the order number to your transfer