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Shell Corena is recommended by Leading Manufacturers of piston (P) and rotating (R) screw compressors.

Shell Corena compressor oils ara special mix of top-quality base oil or synthetic base oils. By highest quality and safe now!

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Shell Corena oil

Every part of your machine or process has been meticulously engineered, so you want to use a lubricant that has been designed to ensure that your equipment is well protected and works efficiently. The Shell Corena range of air compressor oils has been developed to enableequipment operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through

  1. n wear protection
  2. n long oil life
  3. n system efficiency.

The Shell Corena oils is divided in Rotating and Piston designs. Both product ranges can be recognized by either the letter R or P. You will als recognize the letter S2 most used in the industry or the S4 which identifies the fully synthetic range with high performances.

Shell Corena – proven to work best overall

Rigorous competitor evaluation has proven that Shell Corena oils are the best overall choice for ensuring reliable air supply. Several factors affect reliability, therefore it is important to use a lubricant that gives optimum all-round performance.

For instance, Shell Corena oils are not sensible to use a lubricant that offers good oil life but poor anti-wear protection, or excellent antifoaming properties but insufficient water-shedding capability. Shell Corena S4 scores strongly on all counts.

Enjoy the advantages of using Shell Corena

The Shell Corena range of air compressor oils can save you the expense and aggravation of sudden breakdowns, unnecessary maintenance, shortened drain intervals and loss of pressure often associated with lower-performing oils.

The reliability of Shell Corena compressor oils means that your supply of compressed air remains optimal, enabling your equipment to function - saving you both cost and aggravation.

You’re in good company using Shell Corena

Many industrial plants and mobile applications worldwide use Shell Corena oils in a wide variety of compressor makes and models. The Shell Corena line of products has proven field experience in a broad range of leading screw, vane and reciprocating air compressors worldwide.

They are designed to deliver outstanding performance and value in a variety of equipment from world leading OEMs.

Keeping equipment failures with Shell Corena to a minimum

You depend on your equipment to keep operating so that you can complete your work and serve your customers in the way they expect.

Poor compressor performance affects your profitability, while breakdowns can compromise your ability to fulfil your obligations. Premature component wear and deposit

formation are two recognised contributors to such problems.

  • + Protection against component wear
  • + Resistance to deposits

OlieOnline your global partner for Shell Corena

For more than four decades, Shell Corena compressor oils have been providing the solutions that industry requires. OlieOnline is a global player we can provide you the oils anywere on the globe.

Our OilOnline expertise ensures global product performance and quality, while our support and distribution networks are available to assist you with all your needs.