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Total Hydransafe

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  • Total Hydransafe HFDU 46

    Total Hydransafe HFDU 46

    Biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

    Applications Total Hydransafe HFDU 46
    • HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 is recommended for hydraulic equipment operating in locations comprising a fire risk such as iron and steel works (coking plants, blast furnaces, continuous casting), mines, etc
    • The use of HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 lessens the serious risks presented by recourse to a mineral oil on the occasion of rupture of a hose or when a leak gives rise to oil mist, in the immediate vicinity of a flame, a part in the process of melting or a switch cupboard.
    • Thanks to its biodegradability, HYDRANSAFE HFDU 46 is especially recommended when there is a possibility of water contamination: offshore, mines.
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  • Total Hydransafe HFC 146


    Fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

    Applications TOTAL HYDRANSAFE HFC 146
    • HYDRANSAFE HFC 146 is a high performance synthetic water-polymer, fireresistant hydraulic fluid.
    • regulation and hydraulic circuits of Furnaces, Continuous Casting Units in the Steel and Aluminium Industry, Heat-treat Ovens for quenching operations, Drying Furnace and other applications in fire risk areas, as in mining industry
    • Hydraulic systems of mould injection machines.
    • Operating temperature range is from - 20 °C to + 60 °C.
    • When changing from a mineral oil based hydraulic system components and to apply an appropriate cleaning of the hydraulic system

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