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Q8 Berlioz XMR in 20L

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Q8 Berlioz XMR

Metalworking fluid

Soluble fluids that are free of formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins and secondary amine.

Q8 Berlioz XMR is a full range of soluble metalworking grades designed to balance the latest European legislation requirements with performance. Q8 Berlioz XMR is a full compliment of products which encompasses the latest in additive technology and is designed to cover every application.

  • Free from formaldehyde, secondary amines & chlorinated additives*.
  • Fully compliant to TRGS 611 legislation.
  • Covers a full range of applications & materials from economical to high performance.
  • Demonstrates low foaming and stability in all water hardness.
  • Superior bio-stability and corrosion protection.

Advantages and Properties of Q8 Berlioz XMR are:

  • Q8 Berlioz XMR is a conventional milky metal cutting fluid based on renewable resource raw materials hence providing an environmentally superior fluid. 
  • It contains corrosion additives to ensure the work-piece and machine are protected against staining and rust. 
  • The formulation also provides protection against bacterial and fungal infections from the addition of a powerful biocide. 
  • Recommended for us in all general light to medium machining operations such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming, sawing and shaping of low tensile steels.

Recommended concentrations for Q8 Berlioz XMR

CNC of conventional

Volume verhouding
General Cutting 5-8%
Drilling 7-10%
Broaching 8-10% 

Typical Characteristics


Test Methode





Appearance (Neat)




Mineral oil










pH (4%)

DIN 51379 ASTM E70-97



Refractometer Factor





To prevent product deterioration, always keep the packaging / container tightly closed. Store Q8 Berlioz XMR in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposure to ice and prevent water ingress. For optimum product stability, it is preferable to store the product indoors between 5° C and 45° C.

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