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Shell Corena S3 R46 air compressor oil

Corena S3 R oils has been developed to enable equipment operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through

  • + wear protection
  • + long oil life
  • + system efficiency.

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  • Shell Corena S3 R 46

    Shell Corena S3 R46 (Previous Name: Corena S2 R46 / Comptella 46)

    Premium Screw Compressor Oil

    Benefits of the Corena S3 R 46 are:

    • + Reliable protection
    • + Long service life, efficiency

    Shell Corena S3 R 46 is a high-performance compressor oil for the lubrication of rotary vane pumps and screw compressors. With the additive system used, Shell Corena S3 R 46 offers excellent protection and very good performance at oil change intervals up to 4000 hours, under certain conditions even up to 6000 hours

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Shell Corena S3 R 46 a premium rotary air compressor oil

Shell Corena S3 R oil uses Shell’s ashless-technology formulation to provide extended oil life for sliding-vane and screw rotary air compressors. It is an oil that you can rely on to help protect high-pressure and high-temperature rotary air compressors for excellent performance. It is widely recognised by leading equipment manufacturers.

Shell Corena S3 R 46 designed to protect

Protecting compressors from damage can help to increase service life and maximise your return on investment. Shell Corena S3 R can help to achieve this, as it:

  • Exceeds industry standard gear-wear requirements; thus it helps to protect geared compressor components. It passes load stage 11 of the FZG gear-wear test (ANSI/AGMA 9005‑E02 requirements for ISO 32 oils). Load stage 9 is the minimum requirement.
  • provides excellent bearing-wear protection, as it passes the four-ball weld load test at >150 kg (IP 239 test method).

Shell Corena S3 R 46 is designed for long oil life

Limiting fluid degradation can help to prolong oil life. Shell Corena S3 R is designed to help you operate your compressors for longer without interruption – for reduced maintenance requirements and enhanced productivity. Shell Corena S3 R delivers:

  • Up to 6,000 hours’ oil life in many less-demanding applications, as demonstrated in real applications and the Shell Hydrovane test running at 120°C. This test is two to three times more severe than normal operations at around 100°C.
  • Over twice the oil life of industry-standard oxidation tests.

Shell Corena S3 R 46 is designed for system efficiency

Deposits, air bubbles in the oil and foaming can reduce rotary compressor efficiency. Shell Corena S3 R helps to maintain the constant supply of compressed air that you need for efficient operations by offering:

  • + Up to 29% faster air release than Shell Corena S2 R, which helps to improve lubrication and prevent cavitation damage
  • + Up to 40% faster water separation than standard rotating compressor oils, which helps to ensure efficient protection and lubrication.
Shell Corena S3 R

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