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  • Klüber Klüberlectric BQ 72-72

    Klüber Klüberlectric BQ 72-72

    Electroconductive low-noise rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication

    Application Klüber Klüberlectric BQ 72-72

    Klüberlectric BQ 72-72 is primarily used for the long-term lubrication of capped or sealed ball bearings. Many of them are components of speed-controlled electric motors, generators or fans, or they operate in automobile applications where long service life has to be attained at above-average permanent temperatures and noise must be kept under control.

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  • Klüber Klüberlectric BE 44-152

    Klüber Klüberlectric BE 44-152

    Electroconductive rolling bearing grease

    Application Klüber Klüberlectric BE 44-152

    Klüberlectric BE 44-152 has been designed for the long-term lubrication of rolling bearings in which static electricity may occur, such as electric motors, paper-making machines, copying machines, film-stretching stenters, guides in conveyors and fans. Klüberlectric BE 44-152 has proven efficient for ball and roller bearings subject to a current intensity of approx. 1 Ampere. The electric conductivity of Klüberlectric BE 44-152 has been determined in tests based on DIN 62631-3-1. On the rolling bearing test rig FAG-FE9 acc. to DIN 51 821 and on FAG-FE8 acc. to DIN 51 819, the product showed very good service life and wear protection.

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