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Houghton Hocut 5019

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Applications of Houghton Hocut 5019:

Hocut 5019 is recommended for grinding of cemented tungsten carbide tools where cobalt is used as a binder. The synthetic formula of Hocut 5019 contains a special additive package to prevent dissolution of cobalt by the coolant also contains polymer lubricity additives to improve wheel life and prevent dry evaporation residues on machines.
A minimum concentration of Hocut 5019 is 5% recommended.

 Advantages of Hocut 5019:

Features Hocut 5019
Advantages of Hocut 5019 (short)
Rejects tramp oil completely Excellent component visibility with no spoilage of coolant.
Inhibits dissolution of cobalt Reduces risk to workers and environment.
Outstanding low foam No antifoam treatments necessary.

Product Description


Properties of Houghton Hocut 5019

Houghton’s Hocut 5019 product line of synthetic fluids provides excellent cooling and filterability, and readily rejects tramp oils for easy removal and recycling.

Hocut 5019 is a fully synthetic, specialist fluid for surface grinding of cemented tungsten carbide materials. The mineral oil-free, transparent solution provides long sump life and excellent tramp oil rejection.

Hocut 5019 forms a clear solution when mixed with water, which provides easier monitoring of tools and parts and a high degree of cleanliness for machines, parts and systems.


Hocut 5019 is a carbide grinding synthetic, very stable compared to most on the market that require tank-side cobalt inhibitor additions.

Typical physical properties

Features Hocut 5019

Advantages and Potential Benefits

Concentrate is transparent yellow It stays transparent after mixing with water, so you can see your workpiece and see what you are doing.
Appearance Specific Gravity @ 20 °C

1.1 density (DIN  51757)

Refractometer Factor

1.4  ( HIM 53) which means that is you read 4 on your refractometer you have 5.6% volume of your concentrate (which is good)

Emulsion Appearance Transparent or colourless
Ph in use 9.1 (this can be easily measured with litmus paper)
Reach proof Safe to work with

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