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  • Houghton Garia 601 M-22

    Houghton Garia 601 M-22

    It is based on hydro treated mineral oils with a low aromatic content.It's formulated to a combination of polar, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives.


    Its composition gives the oil high load carrying properties. Its high additive content and controlled extreme pressure properties allow high rates of metal removal, which results in reduced machining costs.

    The oil provides good tool life and excellent surface finish of the machined work pieces. Efficient anti mist additives reduce mist in the air.

    Due to its active sulphur content, the oil may discolor yellow metals.


    Garia 601 M-22 is recommended for machining high alloyed steels, stainless, heat resistant or austenitic steels and aluminum or magnesium alloys. The oil gives excellent results with many difficult operations such as broaching, deep-hole drilling, tapping, shaping or shaving of gears.

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Houghton Garia 601 M-22

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