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Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40

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Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3)

Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3) main applications:

  • On-highway Heavy Duty Applications
  • Low Emission Engine Use

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W40 features advanced multi-functional additive technology in fully synthetic base oil systems to deliver highly responsive protection that continuously adapts to your driving conditions. Protection is further enhanced though formulation synergies that enhance the activity of the oil resulting in maintenance saving long drain performance coupled with excellent protection against soot induced wear, piston and engine deposits and fuel economy capability. Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W40 is suitable for most Euro IV and Euro V engines without Diesel Particle Filter as well as Euro VI engines of Scania.

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Product Description


Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3) Main Applications

  • On-highway Heavy Duty Applications
    Particularly suited for a wide range of trucking and transportation applications in vehicle using modern lowemission engines from Mercedes-Benz and MAN. Also meets or exceeds the performance requirements of other European makers such as Volvo, Renault, DAF, Scania, Deutz and Iveco as well as Cummins, Mack and many Japanese engine types Not recommended for Caterpillar engines.

  • Low Emission Engine Use
    Shell Rimula R6 MS meets the requirements of most European manufacturers for Euro 2,3 engines and most Euro IV and Euro V engines without Diesel Particle Filter as well as Euro VI engines of Scania.

For enhanced performance and protection of the latest low emission engines, we recommend the use of our advanced lowemissions products, Shell Rimula R6 LM/LME.

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3) Performance, Features & Benefits:

  • + Maintenance Saving
  • + Exceptional Piston Cleanliness
  • + Low Wear -Long Engine Life
  • + Fuel Economy

Performance, Features & Benefits of Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3)

+ Maintenance Saving

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W40 meets the long oil drain requirements of leading engine makers such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN, DAF, Volvo and others to allow operators to optimize maintenance scheduling and maximize equipment availability without compromising durability

+ Exceptional Piston Cleanliness

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 use advanced additive technology that builds on the reputation and performance of Shell Rimula engine oils for high levels of piston cleanliness essential for long engine life.

+ Low Wear -Long Engine Life

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W40 meets the demanding wear protection of many European, American and Japanese engines, controlling bore polish and valve train wear thus maximising engine life

+ Fuel Economy

Shell Rimula R6 MS can save money in fuel consumption compared to high viscosity grades.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3)

  • ACEA: E7, E4
  • Deutz : DQC IV-10
  • IVECO T3 E4 (Meets Iveco Specification)
  • MAN: M3277
  • MB Approval: 228.5
  • MTU: Category 3
  • Renault trucks: RXD
  • Scania: LDF-2, LDF-3
  • Volvo: VDS-3

If you have any questions, please contact OlieOnline Technical Helpdesk

Health, Safety & Environment of Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3)

Health and Safety

Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3) is unlikely to present any significant health or safety hazard when properly used in the recommended application and good standards of personal hygiene are maintained. Avoid contact with skin. Use impervious gloves with used oil. After skin contact, wash immediately with soap and water. Guidance on Health and Safety is available on the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet, which can be obtained from

Protect the Environment

Take used Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3) to an authorised collection point. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.

Typical Physical Characteristics of Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 (E7/LDF-3)



Shell Rimula R6 MS 10W-40

Kinematic Viscosity @40°C mm²/s



Kinematic Viscosity @100°C mm²/s



Dyn. Viscosity @ -25°C mPa s

ASTM D5293


Viscosity Index

ASTM D2270


Total Base Number mg KOH/g

ASTM D2896


Sulphated Ash %



Density @15°C kg/l

ASTM D4052


Flash Point (COC) °C



Pour Point °C




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Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Shell
ACEA DIN ISO OEM ACEA E4, ACEA E7, API CF, Cummins CES 20072, Cummins CES 20077, Deutz DQC IV-05, Iveco T3 E4, Mack OE-M Plus, MAN 3277, MB 228.5, MTU Category 3, Renault Trucks RXD, Scania LDF-2, Scania LDF-3, Volvo VDS-3
OEM Approval cummins, deutz, man, mercedes, mtu, renaulttrucks, scania, volvotrucks
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