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Shell Rhodina BBZ

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  • Shell Rhodina BBZ

    Shell Rhodina Grease BBZ 

    High performance, part- synthetic grease, for bearings subject to fretting and false brinelling

    Shell Rhodina Grease BBZ main applications:

    • Shell Rhodina Grease BBZ is designed for lubrication of specific bearings in wind turbines (e.g. blade bearings) and similar applications. Protection against fretting corrosion, moisture corrosion and false brinelling is provided.
    • Shell Rhodina Grease BBZ can also be used in bearings operating at very low temperatures e.g. under artic conditions.

    Shell Rhodina Grease BBZ is specifically designed for high demanding outdoor applications, in particular when protection against false brinelling and fretting corrosion is required – even at very low temperatures.

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