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Fuchs FM Grease HD 2

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  • Fuchs Cassida FM Grease HD 2 - Foodgrade


    Heavy-duty grease for food & beverage processing equipment

    FM GREASE HD 2 main applications:

    • FM GREASE HD 2 is recommended for use in machinery where frequent changes of the grease charge are required or there is high product consumption rate
    • Slow and medium speed plain and rolling element bearings
    • Heavy-loaded and shock-loaded applications
    • Joints, linkages and slides
    • Overhead track systems
    • FM GREASE HD 2 may also be used as protective antitrust film and as release agent on gaskets and seals of tank closures

    FM GREASE HD 2 is a heavy-duty lubricant specially developed for the grease lubrication of machinery where frequent changes and re-applications of the grease charge are required, such as machines used to process pet food and animal feed. It is based on a modified aluminium complex thickener, careful blend of base fluids and selected additives chosen for their ability to meet the stringent requirements of the food & beverage industry.

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