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  • Castrol Spheerol LMM


    Bearing grease


    Spheerol LMM grease is suitable for most types of bearing and a wide range of other industrial applications, which require a molybdenum disulphide grease, including grease lubricated gears. Spheerol LMM may be used in plain and rolling element bearings, including heavily loaded bearings at low and medium speeds, and those subject to shock loading and excessive vibrations.

    The incorporation of solid lubricant in Spheerol LMM greases makes this grease particularly suited for the lubrication of reciprocating and sliding motion elements, where the prevention of scuffing and fretting is desirable. Typical applications include pivot pins, cams, screws, splined shafts, slides, flexible joints (ball, universal, CV joints etc). It is also useful for the lubrication of chains, swivels and shackles to prevent scuffing. NB Not recommended for rolling element bearings - ie wheel bearings

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